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WIT Berry – HATCH consortium partner from Latvia

SIA WIT Berry is an SME with experience in the digital communication field. Founded in 2012, the company is based in Latvia and currently employs 4 people.

WIT Berry is one of the few companies in Latvia specialising in content strategy and content creation for the web. The company has worked with leading Latvian telecommunication, insurance, transport and logistics companies as well as banks and numerous small companies.

Of all the HATCH consortium partners, WIT Berry is the least experienced in the space field, which is one of its benefits, since different backgrounds, work styles and experiences bring new perspectives and solutions.


One of the challenges that the WIT Berry team faces in everyday work is keeping up with all the new digital communication tools, ideas, and trends. The WIT team has to process all this information and take into consideration only the most important developments; otherwise, there would be no time for actual content creation work.

Aside from this, WIT has to maintain a balance between the two main target audiences that will be using the web portal: professionals and non-professionals. The difficulty lies in the fact that there is only one product that will be used by two very different target groups with different needs, perspectives and values.


People like to work with us not only because of our professional skills. There are many professionals out there who are as capable as we are, but not so many who are as responsible. We love what we do and deliver the results on time. We treat each project we’re consulted on like it’s our very own. Sometimes we receive emails from clients saying things like: wow, we didn’t expect you to give us such great advice, or thank you for being so proactive.

“We love clients who trust us! Sometimes we have to ask a client if they’d like us to guess what they want, or if they’d prefer that we do what we believe is great. And that second type of client is the best one for our team – we can set really high goals and be creative.”

“WIT mission: Through creative communication, helping companies reach their targets efficiently”

About collaboration on HATCH

We love working with all different consortium members. In this way, we learn all the time. We also like to feel how they support our ideas. It’s a great team effort. We especially like the positive atmosphere in our team. Every week we have online meetings, and in between these meetings we exchange emails and ideas on our team’s communication tool. However, the real team spirit breaks out when we all meet. We must say that this is a team with professionals who have great personalities, which makes the teamwork efficient and also pleasant!

Get to know more about WIT Berry.

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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