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The HATCH web portal is poised to become the leading online resource for space-related information

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Initial user tests of the forthcoming space web portal suggest that HATCH is poised to become the leading online resource for space-related information in Europe. Planned functionality and database of the portal will provide new, modern and user-friendly tools to get space-related information in just a few clicks.

User experience tests were carried out among 78 participants by HATCH consortium member, Eurecat – a technology centre in Spain. The main task was to obtain information based on User Personas as well as research and surveys conducted previously in the project. The web design will correspond to potential users’ conceptions of an accessible and visually attractive web portal dedicated to space knowledge and innovation in Europe.

Nearly all User Persona representatives participated in the tests, including professionals with different educational backgrounds and specialisations in the space sector and students and space enthusiasts. In June, the design was presented in Barcelona to sector specialists, the HATCH Advisory Board, representatives of the European Commission, and anyone interested who watched the presentation online.

As Alexandre Pereda Baños, head of the perception and cognition research line at Eurecat, says: “The results of the UX tests show that the dimensions of HATCH's visual design most valued by users were its clarity, cleanness and aesthetic pleasantness. Moreover, tests with blurred images, aimed at evaluating the general layout and colouring, also indicated that HATCH's design was the best amongst the selected benchmarks. We were very satisfied to obtain these results as they indicate that we are on the right track.”

The new portal will include various functionalities that will make it much easier to obtain information. It will offer a possibility to create and follow different keywords, projects and organisations and do customised searches. In addition, it will provide various statistics, and users will be able to configure different settings according to their needs and the specifics of their work. Special attention will also be given to non-professionals interested in the space sector who will be offered valuable resources to broaden their knowledge.

Gisèle Van Bunnen, Project Officer at the Research Executive Agency, is enthusiastic: “What a great experience to follow the progress of such a talented and motivated team. At the design review, the consortium presented an appealing and meaningful brand concept with a professional and aspirational visual design. The output reflects feedback from future users and will evolve further based on user experience testing. A promising project to follow up on.”

About the HATCH project

The HATCH web portal is set to be launched early next year. It will constitute the largest repository of information on space research and innovation in Europe, detailing projects and their results, identifying organisations and events in the space sector, and consolidating knowledge for both professionals and non-professionals. More information about the project and its progress on


Linda Kimeiša

Communication Manager

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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