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Tanya – Director at Catena Space

We admire Tanya not only for her professional skills, knowledge and experience but also for her talents. She has played the flute since the age of 7, runs frequently and participates in different exciting activities as a volunteer. It seems like Tanya is living the lives of 4 different people. And still we can’t understand how she manages it all.

Music and sports

I've been playing the flute since the age of 7 – solo, in orchestras and bands, and most recently in a local flute choir. I’ve mostly played traditional, classical music but over the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been exploring more contemporary music from around the world. I’m currently practicing for a recital as part of a flute quartet that will happen in mid-September. I now run around 3 times a week with varying mileage depending on any events or races that I’ve entered. I started running over 10 years ago when I accidentally entered the London Marathon. Since then I've continued to run road marathons, but my favourite routes are on the trails in the hills where I live in south-east England. My next events are a 30km run exploring the ancient trails of Rye and a longer running adventure to promote education on suicide prevention and awareness. I generally run for relaxation, strange as that may seem, and am a regular participant of parkrun – an idea conceived in the UK to provide a free, timed 5km run (or jog or walk) every Saturday at locations around the world: a true reflection of "it's the taking part that counts".


I like how the space sector offers new ways to do things and that it’s becoming increasingly accessible. It used to be a faraway place of mystery and now it's part of everyday life. I really enjoy working with new technology and in emerging sectors and space ticks both those boxes. Our company formed to try and help the space sector in the UK "work better" by filling training gaps and offering an experienced and external view to strategic projects and technology development. It's interesting, hard work and good fun.

There are a lot of fascinating entrepreneurs who are exciting to work with and see opportunities that haven't seemed possible before. It’s also something that everyone seems interested in, so having a conversation about "what you do" is much more engaging. Most people have a view about space, whether it's about being an astronaut, going to Mars or testing out the facts behind sci-fi films.

Your first memory of HATCH

It seemed like a daunting task. The driving force was that it was something that was really needed and would genuinely benefit the space community.

Which was the most exciting part of the project?

Taking the time to understand the users and making sure that HATCH won’t be a clever technology that doesn’t actually perform the function that the users need.

How do you think HATCH will help stakeholders?

Finding information is something that we expect to be easy and at our fingertips, yet so often the detail that you need isn’t actually findable. Having a reliable search engine will really help.

What is your favourite HATCH feature so far?

The networks, which help in making new (and relevant) connections.

What do you think about the HATCH consortium?

It’s been great working with and learning from all the partners.

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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