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See you in 10 years... on the moon

In an optimistic scenario, in 2029 astronauts will live and perform science experiments on board the Lunar Orbital Platform- Gateway station and in the Moon Village. Space agencies will work together with private companies to implement exploration with shared investments and risks, that permit developing key capabilities (e.g. robotics, 3D lunar printing, etc.) for lunar exploration. European, American, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Indian private companies will exploit swarms of lunar rovers that will scout for lunar ice for propellants or use the lunar sand to build habitats.

National governments will not only be supporting lunar resource exploitation and constructing the Moon Village but will be investing in NewSpace start-ups. Companies like Space-X, Blue Origin and Bigelow Space will use their space capsules for lunar fly-bys of space tourists or will be involved in developing robotic space cargo carriers/ landers or in building inflatable modules for the Moon Village.

Others like Astrobotic, Moon Express and Ispace will transport experiments to the lunar surface or perform 3D printing on board a lunar space station and help print tools or parts needed to construct the Moon Village. Competition between launch service providers, satellite manufacturers and operators may accelerate the construction of the Moon Village.

If you have any questions to Dr. Stella Tkatchova please do not hesitate to send an email tkatchova@gmail.comor

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