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Krzysztof Kanawka – CEO of Blue Dot Solutions

Chris – this is what we call Krzysztof, who seems to have a very complicated Polish name. Krzysztof has extensive experience in the space sector and is always ready for new challenges. He has excellent networking skills and is very open to suggestions, ideas, criticism, and challenges. He takes it all with a positive attitude and keeps moving toward the target. He quickly adapts to new situations and any changes, which is why it is easy to work with him.

We at HATCH are sure that if there is an important space event in Poland, Chris and his team will be there, and more and more people will find out about this exciting project!

Your first memory of HATCH

This is something Europe really needs! – that was my first impression during initial discussions about the project. I felt that it would be great to participate in such a project, especially since I come from a country which recently started its own space industry.

Which was the most exciting part of the project?

So far it was the months before the project kick-off. That was the time when our proposal was accepted and we began discussing the details of our project idea.

Why do you think stakeholders need HATCH?

Europe is realizing several different space programmes at the same time. In various situations, there is limited information exchange between stakeholders from different governments, space agencies, the European Commission and investors.

What is your favourite HATCH feature so far?

The ability to track projects and interest in various space-related topics over time, starting from FP6. This gives you a chance to identify research topics which were very popular several years ago but have somehow faded in popularity.

What do you think about the HATCH consortium?

This is the best consortium possible! The team has very good insight into the European space sector and the relationships within it, which are not always easy to understand. These experiences will be useful to the HATCH consortium.

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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