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Inviting Journalists and Bloggers to Share Their Knowledge

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

To be involved in creating Quick Knowledge content

Share your knowledge and experience with other space professionals and non-professionals through intriguing facts and engaging way of communicating the information. We’ve created a special section within the future Space Research and Innovation web portal HATCH ( - is a temporary project page that will be replaced by the real web portal) - called Quick Knowledge, where HATCH users will be able to expand their knowledge of space in an engaging way: with concise texts and visual aids. 


Demonstrate your knowledge and competences by publishing Quick Knowledge content or an article on the HATCH web portal. HATCH is dedicated to space research and innovation in all of Europe, and not only… It will help you to earn readers and followers from more than 30 countries, with different backgrounds and occupations, including space enthusiasts (non-professionals).

Your name and picture and a link to your website, blog or LinkedIn profile will be published on HATCH just below the content you provide. 

What is Quick knowledge?

Quick Knowledge is content on HATCH dedicated to helping people learn new things about space in an engaging way! It comprises brief stories and facts written by various authors, including scientists, specialists, students and space enthusiasts. The info is arranged just like a short presentation, with a heading and 10 slides or less. Each slide contains an image or video and a short explanatory text (max. 255 characters including spaces). 


1. Find a fact, story or other piece of information about space that you would like to share with others.  

2. Send us text + pictures / video (or link to video).

3. Get published on HATCH!

Do'es and Don'ts?


  • Exciting content about space

  • General facts about space 

  • Historical information

  • True and verified information

  • Supporting info – videos, pictures, links, references 


  • Advertising yourself

  • Advertising a third party

  • Expressing your own opinion

  • False information, assumptions or rumours

How to prepare your Quick Knowledge?

1. Write a headline. For example, “How much does it cost in space...?”.

2. Write a text. Maximum of 10 short facts (max. 255 characters per fact / idea). 

3. Add one image or video to each slide to reflect the main idea of the content or just support the idea in an engaging way. The aspect ratio should be 4:3, the dimensions ideally 1000 x 700px. All images and videos posted online must be credited, so please indicate the author, the source website (if applicable) and, for a photo or video, where it was taken or filmed.  

4. Information about you. Provide us with info about yourself as an author: your name, title, a link to your LinkedIn profile or website (if you wish) and add your profile picture. Or your company’s / project logo and contact info.


“How much does it cost in space...?". <headline> 1st slide It costs around EUR 10,000 to bring one litre of water to space. That’s not the most expensive water in this galaxy you could drink. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani costs around EUR 51,000 per 750 ml.

2nd slide One astronaut suit costs around EUR 1.7 million. Only the most expensive bridal dresses covered with diamonds can compete with it. 

Etc. …….

This is an example of what Quick Knowledge looks like on HATCH. Please note that HATCH is currently under development and slight changes might be made. 

And when we will post them online they will look approximately like this...

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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