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Implementing HATCH’s mission… in collaboration with children

One of the project’s main goals is to create a web portal that can be used by space enthusiasts and professionals. The project’s communication team WIT Berry wanted to go much further than just meeting this goal in a traditional sense. The challenge we set out for ourselves was to create a dialogue between children and space professionals from different countries who don’t necessarily speak the same language.

The challenge of connecting children with professionals

We wanted to show that such a dialogue is possible and to explore non-traditional ways of implementing the communication and dissemination strategy. In our team, we value challenging and fun concepts that are relevant to participants, stakeholders and us. Things get especially interesting when ideas expand and grow as we start acting.

HATCH is for everyone – space professionals, enthusiasts and even children

Our idea in creating these videos was to demonstrate what children think about space; they have their own theories, ideas and questions no one has answered. The standard way of doing this is that adults (educators) deliver the information they think children should know and then the children ask questions. Our idea was to invite children to ask questions first and then look for a professional who could actually answer the question – maybe the answer lies in the findings of a recent project…

The children were honoured to know that an international space professional would take their questions seriously and try to answer. In addition, children’s parents and educators were able to see space-related information differently and to understand that the HATCH web portal cares about both professionals and non-professionals.

The process of interviewing children

The amazing part of this event was the fact that it was so important for the children. They enjoyed the process. We heard them saying that it was one of the most special days of their lives. They felt very important and recognised that we care – that we were treating them as a part of the community, not just children.

Things got even more interesting when, spontaneously, the children started to interview each other. They started to ask each other questions, and actually, this was the best part of the event. They were capable of holding practical, structured interviews. And the cherry on top was when they decided to interview the cameraman Ivars.

Building their own spacecraft

Another task they absolutely enjoyed was building their own space craft. We saw them collaborating and discussing different elements - how, when, why to add.

Coming soon: Can you answer?

If you are a space professional, get ready – soon you will receive questions from children. And you will be able to get to know what children think and how they feel when it comes to space.

Thanks to all the children from Latvia who participated in this event!

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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