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WATERDOG is a software development SME founded in Portugal in 2011. The complementary backgrounds of its founders in such fields as brand and interior design, project management, business development, iOS and Android development, and web front and back end development allow WATERDOG to deliver the best solutions for their clients’ needs.

In the past 7 years WATERDOG has developed dozens of technology products, most of them complete digital platforms with all the components, from top to bottom. Most are the result of digitalisation projects where technology is applied to solve problems or facilitate processes for small and big companies from different vertical markets.

WATERDOG is committed to:

1) Building products that deliver innovation

2) Helping corporate clients with their digitalisation and modernisation

3) Developing innovative technological products that support digital transformations

4) Solving problems with technology to become trusted partners and recurrent providers

Our mission is to help corporate clients with their digitalization and modernization.

We have the vision to continuously develop innovative technological products that support digital transformations.


Being a company focused on developing software solutions to solve big and complex problems, the daily challenges we face are technical barriers that we need to overcome. We don’t complain because these are the challenges we like and that make the team grow.

Regarding the HATCH project, at the beginning of the web portal’s development, with the involvement of 3 different companies with remote software developers, the biggest challenge was to manage the tasks of each person involved. Besides this, we had to make sure that everyone knew what others were working on, why and when.

We implemented weekly reviews and planning sessions that have turned out to be very effective for the success of the development tasks. In these sessions, we regularly have people of more than 6 different nationalities working remotely from more than 7 different places!

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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