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Guna – communication assistant at WIT Berry

Guna has a great sense of taste and very fresh ideas. She is very new to space and therefore her perspective is very valuable when focusing on non-professionals. She keeps on reminding us that we have to think from the perspective of a person who has no clue what HATCH is and then demonstrate the features, ideas, and concepts to everyone, including those who have followed the HATCH project from the first day . And we have to do this in an engaging way!

Guna has a business and banking background. She has worked for one of the leading banks in Latvia as a client manager and she continued her career at a start-up accelerator in Jelgava, Latvia. Later she was a development and communication manager at a travel agency.

Therefore, we can say that Guna knows companies from both the inside, managing communications, and the outside, helping start-ups grow.

Guna and space

Before the HATCH project Guna learned about space from her oldest son, who is very passionate about astronomy, physics, and chemistry. Working on HATCH, she has learned lots of new things in a very short time and now the roles have changed between her and her son. She knows that the team has enough experience in the space sector; therefore, she is focusing on communication with non-professionals.

Her first memories of HATCH

Guna admits that she was very intrigued. It was something new and, at the first moment, also a bit mysterious since she had never worked on a space project before. But the temptation to be part of this project was so big that she started to learn, explore and get familiar with it.

The second memory she has and wants to share is the time when she was excited to tell her friends and family that she was going to start work on the HATCH project. It was very fun because they all thought she was joking. For them, the space sector seemed to be something very technical and only for scientists.

“At that moment I told myself this is great! There are non-professionals who are very intrigued about space. However, they don’t know where to start. Then I told them about the project – the idea, use and benefits – step by step. And they completely understood it. It was another validation for the HATCH concept and the way we have to communicate with non-professionals,” remembers Guna.

What do you like the most about HATCH?

I think that the project is running very smoothly. I have confidence in the team and believe that we can achieve even better results than expected. Also, I really like that the rest of the consortium members support our ideas. It gives us positive energy to continue!

How HATCH will be useful for stakeholders

The main idea of getting maximum information in the same place is already more than great! It will save lots of time and effort for those who are searching for it. Also, I think that the idea of creating a resource for both professionals and non-professionals is great. The same resource for both these target audiences will allow them to understand each other much better. Non-professionals will be able to get an overview of what professionals are doing, and professionals will be able to see what non-professionals are interested in and how they might help them.

The most exciting part of the project

At the moment we’re just getting started. We have many ideas... and I’m impatient to see the results.

What do you think about the consortium

They’re real professionals and the collaboration is going very well. I have a great feeling about this project.

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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