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Fish, strawberries and HATCH

“Personally I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms. So when I went fishing, I didn’t think about what I wanted. I thought about what they wanted. I didn't bait the hook with strawberries and cream.”

Dale Carnegie

This quote from Dale Carnegie, from his bestseller “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, clearly illustrates the approach that the HATCH project team took when delivering wireframes, use cases, the web portal design and everything else that has been developed.

Why (or why not) strawberries?

Before the start of the project, we were already conducting surveys, exploring trends and studying the needs of future web portal users. We wanted to know what they like, need and expect in order to propose a solution.

Read more about the Concept Specification and Analysis.

The objective of the System Architecture task was to respond to the work and outputs produced in the scope of Concept Analysis and Specification by developing the best implementation strategy for the HATCH portal. Read more about the System Architecture.

And then the design and functionality came together on its own, since our main task was to meet the needs of future HATCH web portal users. Read more about the HATCH logo and visual identity design. It was also a difficult task to create a design for the web portal that would suit two very different target audiences: professionals and non-professionals. We believe that without the research we conducted it wouldn’t have been possible. Read more about wireframing and the web portal’s visual design.

At the end, the test results demonstrated that we really hit the mark. Read more about the design test results.

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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