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Eurecat Technology Centre, Spain

Eurecat is the only non-SME in the HATCH consortium. It is a large organisation with more than 600 professionals. Their broad expertise ranges from the industrial (the manufacturing process and materials) to the digital (big data, IT security, data mining).

The three pillars of Eurecat are: 1) knowledge generation, 2) exploitation and valorisation and 3) application and transfer.


To be top of mind for industrial research and knowledge transfer in all innovation systems


To promote competitiveness among industry and society agents through applied research, innovation and knowledge transfer

Core competences

Regardless of the many competences and extensive experience of Eurecat, it is mainly the Technology Consultancy Department that is involved in the HATCH project. The most valuable competences for the project are data science (algorithms), user-centred design skills (cognitive technologies), market analysis and technology exploitation.

The Eurecat Technology Consultancy Department has supported more than 100 SMEs in defining their innovation process. One of the department’s main activities is coordinating exploitation and business strategies in collaborative research and innovation projects, with the aim of optimizing the exploitation of results and ensuring their industrial upscaling and access to the market.


In our daily work, our biggest challenge is transforming the breadth of our experience into industrial value for the companies we work with.

The main challenge in the HATCH project is applying technical knowledge, in particular on data science and user experience, to a workable product that brings value to space-sector stakeholders. Also, assessing the future sustainability of the portal is an exciting challenge.

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The HATCH project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776357.

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